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Technical Program

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October 15 October 16 October 17 October 18 October 19
8h On site registration On site registration On site registration    
8h30   Keynote Speech     NOMS 2002 TPC
9h Opening Session 2 Management    
9h30 Performance Service Engineering NOMS  
10h Management Dependecies   2002  
10h30 Break Break Break TPC  
11h Service QoS Keynote    
11h30 Provisioning Management TBD    
12h     Closing Session  
13h Lunch Lunch Lunch  
14h Keynote Speech Application    
14h30 1 Management    
15h Fault Management & Customer Care    
15h30     NOMS  
16h Break Break 2002  
16h30 Agents & Policy Languages TPC  
17h Active & IP Applications Meeting  
17h30 Technologies      
18h IFIP    
18h30 Meeting    
19h Welcome Social    
Reception Event

Monday, October 15

Session 1 (9h30-10h30): Performance Management
Chair : A. Liotta, University of Surrey, UK.

A Business-Oriented Approach to the Design of Feedback Loops for Performance Management
Y. Diao, J.L. Hellerstein, S. Parekh, IBM T.J. Research, USA

A Methodology for Peformance Analysis of Real-Time Continious Media Applications
J.L.A. da Fonseca - Petroleo Brasileiro S/A, M.A. Stanton - Universidade Federal Fluminense (Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro), Brazil

Session 2 (11-12h30): Service Provisioning
Chair : A. Keller, IBM Research, USA.

Dynamic Service Provisioning : A User-Centric Approach
G. Dreo Rodosek - Leibniz Supercomputing Center, Germany , L. Lewis - Aprisma Management Technologies, USA

Provisioning Voice Over Packet Networks : A Metadata Driven Approach
J. Tjong, P. Bettadapur, A. Clemm - Cisco Systems, USA

IP Network Configurator- An Infrastructure For IP Network And Services Provisioning
T. Naik, G.K. Swanson - Bell Labs. USA, S. Mazumdar - Avaya Labs. USA, P. Krishnan, R. Sequeira - IPSoft Inc. USA, R. Ganesan, Cosine Communications Inc. USA

Keynote Speech (14h-15h)

Management of Dynamic Networks and Services: Correlation - Based Solutions
G. Jakobson, Verizon, USA

Session 3 (14h-16h) : Fault Management
Chair : Michèle Sibilla, IRIT, France

Rule Induction Of Computer Events
R. Vilalta, S. Ma, J. Hellerstein - IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

Optimizing Probe Selection for Fault Localization
M. Brodie, I. Rish, S. Ma - IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

Session 4 (16h30-18h) : Agents & Active Technologies
Chair : J.P. Martin-Flatin, AT&T Research, USA.

A Mobile Agent-based Model for Service Management in Virtual Active Networks
F.L. Verdi, E.R.M. Madeira - University of Campinas, Brazil

Distributed Service Deployment over Programmable Networks
R. Haas - IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland, P. Droz - IBM Research Zurich, Switzerland; B. Stiller - ETHZ, Switzerland

Call Management using Software Agents
B. Marques, R. Oliveira, R. Marques, Universty of Porto, Portugal

Tuesday, October 16

Enabling Technologies (8h30-9h30)

JMX: evolution, integration and adoption
C. Ebro, E. McManus, Sun, France.

Session 5 (9h30-10h30) : Service Depedencies
Chair : P. Bettadapur, CISCO Systems, USA.

Managing Dynamic Service Dependencies
P. Hasselmayer, Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Dependency Analysis in Distributed Systems using Fault Injection: Application to Problem Determination in an e-commerce Environment
S. Bagchi, G. Kar, J. Hellerstein - IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA

Session 6 (11h-12h30) : QoS Management
Chair : G. Dreo Rodosek, Leibniz-Rechenzentrum Kommunikationsnetze, Munich, Germany./it>

An Approach for Integrated Management of Networks with Quality of Service Support Using QAME
L. Zambenedetti Granville, M. Bartz Ceccon, L. M. Rockenbach Tarouco, M.J. Bosquiroli Almeida, A. da Silva Carissimi - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Quality of Service Management for the Virtual Home Environment
A. Yew, C. Bohoris, A. Liotta, G. Pavlou - University of Surrey, UK

SLS to DiffServ configuration mappings
A. Gonzalez Prieto, M. Brunner - C&.C Research Laboratories NEC Europe, Germany

Session 7 (14h-16h) : Application Management & Customer Care
Chair : M. Brunner, NEC Europe, Germany

An End-User`s Perspective on Application Management
P.K. Garg, HP Labs, USA

Towards a CIM Schema for RunTime Application Management
A. Keller, H. Kreger, K. Schopmeyer, IBM T.J. Watson Research &. IBM Corporation, USA

Architecture for an Automated Management Instrumentation of Component Based Applications
R. Hauck, University of Munich, Germany

Automated Ticketing of Email for ISP Customer Care
J. Buford - Verizon, D. Bowie - Genuity, X. Huang - Verizon, M. Mady - Verizon, USA

Session 8 (16h30-18h) : Policies languages and IP applications br> Chair : R. Boutaba, U. Waterloo, Canada.

A Logic-based Policy Definition Language for Network Management
Y. Li, M. Chen, X. Jiang, L. Song - Institute of Communication Engineering, Nanjing, China

Distributed Policy-based Management Enabling Policy Adaptation on Monitoring using Active Network Technology
K. Yoshihara, M. Isomura, H. Horiuchi - KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan

Automatic Generation Of IPSec/VPN Security Policies Based On Security Requirements In An Intro-domain Environment
Z. Fu - North Carolina State University, S.F. Wu - U.C. Davis, USA

Wednesday, October 17

Session 9 (8h30-10h30) : Management Engineering
Chair: J. Schönwälder, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

Predictable configuration management in a randomized scheduling framework
M. Burgess, F. Eika Sandnes - Oslo University College, Norway

A Study of the Behaviour of the Simple Network Management Protocol
C. Pattinson, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

Supporting views in network management systems
C. Palma, L. Rodrigues, University of Lisboa, Portugal

Delegation of Tasks and Rights
G. Vogt, University of Munich, Germany

Keynote Speech 2 (11h-12h)

IETF NM Activities
B. Wijnen, Lucent Technologies, The Netherlands

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