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Student: Thibault Cholez
Title: Revocation mechanisms in dynamic networks
Affiliation: INRIA
Supervisor: Isabelle Chrisment
Start: 2007
End: 2010
Funding: Centre de Recherche INRIA Nancy - Grand Est


PhD project description

Spontaneous networks allow several computers to be easily and quickly interconnected without any pre-existing infrastructure. This new kind of network has become possible with the increasing deployment of high bandwidth wireless connections and mobile autonomous devices. Ad-hoc, mesh and peer-to-peer networks are examples of dynamic networks where each node contributes to the network and cooperates in routing packets or providing services.

When a node does not contribute to the network, shares fake or illegal content or behaves in a selfish behaviour, the quality of service provided by the network can be degraded. Therefore it becomes challenging to exclude this kind of malicious nodes.

This thesis aims to define a fully distributed and adaptive revocation mechanisms in a highly dynamic environment. When an abnormal behaviour of a node is detected, this node has to be revoked to keep the network secure and a good level of services. In classical networks, revocation mechanisms are based on certificates and a central authority provides revocation lists. In more self-organized networks where the main characteristics are the lack of central authority and the individual interest of each peer, these mechanisms are not suitable. So, new solutions have to be designed to store and retrieve the revocation information in a secure way in order to avoid hijacking. We also need to find how to define the trust relationship, how to set a peer's identity, how to achieve the revocation and which information is necessary for that. The security and the overhead of the mechanisms are also a critical factor.


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