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Student: Matthias Goehner
Title: A service-oriented accounting system for

dynamic Virtual Organizations

Affiliation: Universitaet der Bundeswehr Muenchen
Supervisor: Gabi Dreo Rodosek
Committee: Gabi Dreo Rodosek (UniBwM),

Heinz-Gerd Hegering (LMU)

Start: 2005
End: 2008


PhD project description

In commercial Grid environments, usage accounting of provisioned IT resources is of fundamental importance. Besides, for quite some time there is the ongoing trend, that in the Grid context increasingly more complex services are provided in form of individually customized IT solutions. The virtualization of organizations, services and resources, the high degree of dynamics regarding their composition, as well as the complexity of the structure and the heterogeneity of provisioned IT solutions lead to new kinds of questions and requirements with respect to the accounting process.

There is the demand for an accounting system that allows for the inter-organizational accounting of complex Grid services and resources in the context of dynamic Virtual Organizations (VO) that can be considered as multi-provider environments as a result of their specific characteristics. This aspect represents a fundamental challenge that has not yet been solved by existing Grid accounting approaches in a satisfying way.

In this thesis, a service-oriented accounting system which is based on a comprehensive analysis of requirements as well as on a generic service model for dynamic VOs is being developed systematically. As a result of its specifics and offered functionalities it is qualified for the deployment within multi-institutional Grid environments. As part of the developed conceptual architecture conceived in this thesis, novel approaches and concepts that have not yet been taken into consideration are being incorporated. These include the definition of a taxonomy of Grid resources and based on that the development of a methodology for the accounting of complex composed Grid services that both represent an adequate basis to identify service and resource specific accounting units and measurands. Another aspect that has not yet been considered constitutes the analysis and integration of methods and mechanisms in order to extract usage data and that are used to derive a systematic approach for the acquisition of accounting relevant information.

The detailed description of components of the proposed accounting system comprises an in-depth characterization of specific functionalities and intrasystem processes, as well as a precise specification of technical interfaces. The followed approach envisages a modular structure of the architecture of the accounting system as well as the associated strict separation of distinct accounting specific functionalities and processes, that imply a high degree of extensibility and flexibility of the system. This allows for an individual adaption of the accounting system to specific requirements of particular service and resource providers as well as to the considered area of application.

In the context of the prototypical implementation, the technical realization of the core components of the proposed approach serves as a proof-of-concept. Besides, a developed XML schema definition representing an extension of the usage record format recommendation is used as a formal specification to describe aggregated accounting records of complex user jobs.

Finally, this thesis is concluded by an evaluation and summary of achieved results as well as a collection of prospective further work.


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Additional information

The thesis will be defended March 03, 2009 in Munich.

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