Idilio Drago

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Student: Idilio Drago
Title: Scalable service performance monitoring
Affiliation: UT
Supervisor: Aiko Pras
Start: 2009
End: 2013
Funding: UT


PhD project description

Dependable performance measurement is a common requirement for all online services. The ongoing tendency to outsource not only infrastructure but also software parts to several suppliers creates a new challenge to providers. Passive solutions cannot easily monitor service performance as perceived by end users, since providers do not have control over all hardware/software involved. Our research focuses on evaluating how data passively collected from network devices can be used to verify end-to-end service performance. Our goal is to compare this approach with current active methods used to monitor distributed services. Given the constant mutation of services on the Internet as well as the fast increase of the number of users and services, we are looking for flexible and scalable solutions.


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