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Gabi Dreo Rodosek holds the Chair of Communication Systems and Internet Services at the Universität der Bundeswehr München. She received her MSc. degree from the University of Maribor, Slovenia and her PhD in Computer Science from the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. She was a member of the executive committee of the EU FP6 NoE EMANICS project, tutorial program chair of the 8th IFIP/IEEE Integrated Management Symposium (IM 2003) and general co-chair of the 10th IFIP/IEEE Integrated Management Symposium (IM 2007). Furthermore, she was workshop co-chair of the 1st IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Management of the Future Internet (ManFI 2009) and coordinator of the networking session on Management of the Future Internet at ICT 2008 in Lyon. She is spokesperson of the research center Cyber Defence, which combines skills and activities of various institutes at the university as well as organizations such as the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), the EU Joint Research Centre in Milan, the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the IT security industry (for instance EADS, IABG or Giesecke & Devrient). Prof. Dreo is head of the Working Group IT Security at the UBWM, member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Network Management, member of the Security Management Infrastructure Ad Hoc Working Group (SMI AHWG) of NATO and member of the Security Working Group of the software Defined radio (SDR) Forum. In ddition, she is member of the Project team Communication and Information system (PT CIS) of the EDA, the working Group on Security Awareness of the Bundeswehr as well as a member of the expert committee of the BITKOM for biometrics and IT security. She is TPC co-chair for the DFN-Forum series ”Communication Technologies”, vice chair of the International Conference on Computer Communication Networks (ICCCN) 2012 and TPC member of many international conferences (like IM, DSOM, NOMS, SIMA) as well as a member of various Technical Program Committees of major conferences in the field of IT management and IT security. She has many years of experience in national and international projects.

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