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Student: Fabio Hecht
Title: Enabling next generation peer-to-peer services
e-mail: hecht@ifi.uzh.ch
Affiliation: UniZH
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Committee: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, NN
Start: 2007
End: 2010
Funding: University of Zurich, IFI


PhD project description

Overlay network-based applications have potential to improve network scalability and create a community in which resources are shared responsibility of its members. Current popular solutions target specific areas, such as file sharing and voice over IP, but important challenges prevent peer-to-peer technology from having wider acceptance in other services. The thesis shall address challenges such as advancing connectivity among peers, improving experience of users, providing incentives for peers and Telecoms to collaborate to the network, supplying economic management mechanisms to support self-organizing optimization of network resources.


  1. Fabio Victora Hecht, Thomas Bocek, Cristian Morariu, David Hausheer, Burkhard Stiller: LiveShift: Peer-to-peer Live Streaming with Distributed Time-Shifting. Eighth International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P'08), pages 2, Aachen, Germany, August 2008.
  2. Thomas Bocek, Wang Kun, Fabio Victora Hecht, David Hausheer, and Burkhard Stiller: PSH: A Private and Shared History-based Incentive Mechanism. 2nd ACM/IFIP International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security (AIMS 2008), Springer LNCS, pages 1-13, Bremen, Germany, July 2008.
  3. Fabio Victora Hecht, Burkhard Stiller: Enabling Next Generation Peer-to-peer Services. Proceedings of AIMS 2008, Springer LNCS 5127, Bremen, Germany, July 2008. Workshop Paper

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