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Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller received his diploma degree in computer science and his doctoral degree from the University of Karlsruhe, in 1990 and 1994, respectively. From 1991 until 1995 he has been a Research Assistant at the University of Karlsruhe, being on leave in 1994/95 for a one-year EC Research Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, UK. From November 1995 he has been with the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory TIK of ETH Zürich. He was appointed Assistant Professor for Communication Systems at ETH in 1999 and hold that post until September 2004. Burkhard Stiller held additionally from April 2002 until August 2004 a Chair at the University of Federal Armed Forces Munich (UniBwM), where he headed the Information Systems Laboratory IIS and had a part-time appointment with ETH Zurich. Since September 2004 Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller holds the Communications Chair at UniZH, IFI. He participated in or managed national research projects of Germany, Switzerland, and the UK as well as EU IST projects, such as Akogrimo, Daidalos, EC-GIN, MMAPPS, Moby Dick, CATI, M3I, ANAISOFT, DaCaPo++, and F-CSS. Prof. Stiller organized a.o. the DSOM’99 (Distributed Systems — Operations and Maintenance) work-shop as PC Co-chair in Zürich and he served as the general chair for the Networked Group Communications (NGC’03) and Internet Charging and QoS Technologies (ICQT’03) Workshop in September 2003 in Munich. He was a.o. PC Chair of the IEEE LCN’03 Conference in Bonn, General Chair of the 30th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (IEEE LCN’05). Just recently, he was the TPC Co-chair for NOMS 2006 (10th IEEE/IFIP Network and Operations Symposium) and the General Co-chair of the IEEE BoD Workshop 2006, San Francisco. Currently, he is the TPC Co-chair of KiVS 2007 in Berne and of the IEEE ICC Symposium on Network Services and Operations 2007, Glasgow. He performed as a reviewer for journals (e.g., IEEE JSAC, Computer Communications, Netnomics) and conferences (e.g., ACM SIGCOM, Globecom, IEEE Infocom). Prof. Stiller’s main research interests include charging and accounting for IP-based networks, economics of IP services, Grid services, auctions for services, communication protocols in the Internet, biometric access control, Quality-of-Service aspects, peer-to-peer systems, network management, and supporting functions for wireless access networks including biometrics. He published well over 70 research and survey papers on these areas in leading IEEE journals (IEEE JSAC, IEEE Network) and others (e.g., ACM CCR, Netnomics, Computer Communications), IEEE conferences (e.g., IEEE/IFIP NOMS and IM, LCN) and others, and workshops (e.g., IEEE LANMAN, QofIS, Networking, and Global Grid Forum). Finally, he edited a number of special issues for journals, serves as an editorial board member in Netnomics, PIK, JNMS, and CMS, and served as an editor on books in the areas of network management and Quality-of-Service.


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