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Student: Apostolis Malatras
Title: Context-Awareness in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
e-mail: A.Malatras@surrey.ac.uk
Affiliation: UniS
Supervisor: George Pavlou
Start: 2003
End: 2007
Funding: Thales TRT UK, University of Surrey


Apostolos Malatras holds a Diploma in computer science from the University of Piraeus, Greece, a M.Sc. degree in Information Systems from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece, and a Ph.D. degree in Networking from the University of Surrey, UK. His research interests focus on context awareness, knowledge management, network management, and communications middleware.

PhD project description

Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) constitute an emerging communication paradigm that can potentially enable pervasive communications and computing. Their ease of deployment and the lack of centralised control make them suitable for a wide range of novel applications. On the other hand they also have drawbacks since they are characterised by a certain degree of instability, which may affect reliability and wide application deployment. As such, there is a need for techniques that mitigate these problems. In this respect, we assert that context awareness can assist in building more predictable and thus more reliable MANETs by providing higher and lower level information regarding the mobile node’s context, which can aid in predicting its mobility patterns. When the mobility of every node is predicted, the future topology of the network can be foreseen facilitating thus the construction of reliable, relatively long-lived routes. The term context is used to denote all the information accessible by the mobile node and descriptive of its surroundings whether they refer to computational or physical properties. Aspects of the research include:

  • Algorithms to process the diversity of context information in order to infer the future mobility patterns of the mobile nodes.
  • Extensions to ad hoc routing protocols to enable them to take into account mobility as derived from context information.
  • Context management in mobile ad hoc networks, i.e. communicating, storing and accessing context information in a scalable fashion.
  • Mobile ad hoc network programmability.
  • Enabling autonomic aspects in mobile ad hoc networks through the integration of context awareness, network programmability and policy-based network management.


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