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Student: Antonis Hadjiantonis
Title: Policy-based self-management of wireless

ad hoc networks

Affiliation: UniS
Supervisor: George Pavlou
Start: 2004
End: 2008
Funding: Centre for Communication Systems Research,

University of Surrey


Antonios Hadjiantonis holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and a PhD from the University of Surrey, UK. During his time at Surrey he was involved in the EU EMANICS project. His research interests focus on policy-based management, ad hoc networks, management technologies for wireless networks and ubiquitous computing.

PhD project description

The evolution of wireless devices has been remarkable and heterogeneous networks can be formed in an ad hoc and arbitrary way. Therefore the need for managing ubiquitous systems arises. We set as the ultimate goal of our research efforts the design and implementation of a management system for ubiquitous systems using a policy-based paradigm. Our Policy-Based Network Management (PBNM) system incorporates the functionality to add controlled programmability using policies. We view policies as the means to extend the functionality of a system dynamically and in real time in combination with its pre-existing hard-wired management logic. In order to succeed in our goal we identify the important issues that need to be resolved. Issues like a novel Organizational model and those related to Policy-based management are among those to be explored.

Research Objectives

  • Design an organisational model that will cater the diverse needs of managing ubiquitous systems
  • Apply the principles of Policy-Based Network Management (PBNM) in our architecture.
  • Apply a suitable storage mechanism for policies in ubiquitous systems
  • Incorporate a robust and efficient policy distribution mechanism
  • Adopt and fine-tune a management protocol to accommodate our design
  • Support heterogeneous devices and user preferences
  • Apply our design to specific case studies to verify and evaluate its applicability
  • Address critical Security issues


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