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Acceptable Use Policy

  • The user must not attempt to reverse engineer the anonymization procedure used to protect the data.
  • If noticing vulnerabilities in the anonymization procedure the user is kindly asked to inform the repository administrators.
  • When writing a paper that involves the use of Simpleweb data, we ask the user to cite it properly. We provide the following "bibtex" entry for that:
            number = {TR-CTIT-10-19},
      howpublished = {},
             month = {April},
            author = {R. R. R. Barbosa and R. Sadre and A. Pras and R. van de Meent},
             title = {Simpleweb/University of Twente Traffic Traces Data Repository},
              type = {Technical Report},
         publisher = {Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente},
              year = {2010},
          keywords = {Network Measurement, Network Management},
              issn = {1381-3625},
         num_pages = {9}

If you do not use "bibtex", please include a reference with the same information (authors, title and URL where the data can be found).