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MIB module validation

StandardUpload, flexibleBy URL, flexible

Validate a MIB module by uploading your file

Enter the local file name of your MIB module:

               Severity level:

Validate a MIB module by URL

Enter the location (URL) of a module you would like to validate:

                Severity level:

Example: Validate the COFFEE-POT-MIB

severity level:
  1. major SMI error, recovery somehow possible but may lead to severe problems
  2. SMI error, probably tolerated by some implementations
  3. SMI error, tolerated by many implementations
  4. something which is recommended to be changed
  5. something that might be ok, but might not be recommended under some circumstances
  6. just a notice.
(Every level includes the lower numbered levels).
All the files that you enter will be uploaded to a temporary directory on the validation machine. Immediately after validation this temporary directory with all its files will be removed again.
search path
The validator searches for imported modules in a series of locations.
The order of searching is as follows:
  • If you have not activated 'Don't use built-in path':
    1. The locations (if any) that you filled in in the 2nd (etc ..) entry field
    2. The standard search path:
  • If you HAVE activated 'Don't use built-in path':
    1. Only the locations (if any) that you entered in the 2nd (etc ..) field

file format
The validator can read MIB files in both SMI (v1 and v2) and SMIng format.
To determine the format that it will be parsing, the FIRST NON-WHITE character of the file is inspected:
  • If it is an upper case letter or a dash (-), then the SMI format is assumed.
  • If it is a '/' (forward slash) or a 'm' (lower case m), then the SMIng format is assumed.

For all other characters it is assumed that the file is not in a valid input format.
import file names
  • Currently the validator is only able to find imported MIB module files if the file name is the same as the name of the MIB module that it contains.
  • Additionally, imported MIB module files can have one of the following frequently used extensions: <none>, .txt, .mib, .my, .smiv2, or .sming.

This MIB validator is based on libsmi, a software package developed by the TU Braunschweig. (Version: smilint 0.4.7). The libsmi project pages also maintain a page with errors and warnings for IETF and IANA MIB Modules.