Video tutorials on Internet management

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These tutorials are available as Podcasts as well as REAL (SMIL) format. The tutorials have originally been created as REAL media presentations, and have been been converted to podcasts. Note that the contents was created a few years ago, and some parts need to be updated.

Management standards (Podcast, REAL)

Overview and history of the ISO, ITU-T, IETF and DMTF management standards. It presents CMIP/CMIS, TMN and SNMP, and discusses the main differences between these approaches.

Total time of the tutorial: 33:13 - Size of the Podcast: 38 MB / REAL-ZIP file: 19MB

Introduction to SNMP (Podcast, REAL)

Goals, principle operation, structure and standards.

Total time of the tutorial: 12:08 - Size of the Podcast: 14 MB / REAL-ZIP file: 7MB

Structure of Management Information - SMI (Podcast, REAL)

Structure of Management Information (Versions 1 and 2). After an introduction it discusses scalar objects (naming, instances, definition) and table objects (definition). Textual conventions and notification types are introduced too.

Total time of the tutorial: 46:16 - Size of the Podcast: 56 MB / REAL-ZIP file: 55MB

Introduction to MIBs (Podcast, REAL)

This tutorial starts with an example, discusses the difference between MIB definition and instance, and the modular structure of MIBs. It gives the list of current IETF hardware MIBs, transmission MIBs, network MIBs, transport MIBs, application MIBs and vendor specific MIBs. It concludes with naming of MIB modules.

Total time of the tutorial: 15:23 - Size of the Podcast: 19 MB / REAL-ZIP file: 19MB

MIB-II (Podcast, REAL)

The standard Management Information Base: MIB-II. After an introduction it discusses the status of the MIB-II, the original design goals, its basic structure and relationship to the TCP/IP layers, and the various groups (system, IF, AT, IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, EGP, Transmission and SNMP).

Total time of the tutorial: 33:54 - Size of the Podcast: 41 MB / REAL-ZIP file: 41MB

To see a tutorial in REAL format, download the associated zip file, unpack it and store the files in a directory on your local disk. Go to that directory and open start.smi in your REALPlayer or click on start.smi.