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This article presents a summary of research groups at universities and other institutes (many inside Europe) which focus on Network Management research and Network Management software development:

Professional organizations

  • COMSOC The IEEE Communications Society
  • The CNOM Web - Committee on Network Operation and Management.

Research groups of the IRTF

  • Network management - The Network Management Research Group (NMRG) provides a forum for researchers to explore new technologies for the management of the Internet. In particular, the NMRG will work on solutions for problems that are not yet considered well understood enough for engineering work within the IETF.
  • Services management - This group investigates frameworks that are able to support a rich variety of resources while also encompassing the existing solutions to make use of the installed base. For instance, a goal would be to be able to manage a PDA, a desktop PC, a firewall router, and an enterprise's electronic mail service within the same framework and preferably with the same tool(s).


  • Bell Laboratories - The goal of the Network and Service Management (NSM) research department at Bell Labs is to provide conceptual clarity to the structure of network management problems and build next generation NSM tools.


Country University Research Group
DE University of Munich (LMU) Munich Network Management Team
UK University College London Networks and Services Research Laboratory
NL University of Twente DACS - Design and Analysis of Communication Systems