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This article presents a summary of research groups at universities and other institutes (many inside Europe) which focus on Network Management research and Network Management software development:

Professional organizations

Research groups of the IRTF


  • Bell Laboratories - The goal of the Network and Service Management (NSM) research department at Bell Labs is to provide conceptual clarity to the structure of network management problems and build next generation NSM tools.


Country University Research Group
DE Technical University of Aachen Communication and distributed systems
GR National Technical University of Athens The Network Management and Optimal Design Laboratory
GR National Technical University of Athens The Telecommunications Laboratory
IL Hebrew University Jarusalem Distributed System and Network Management
DE University of Munich (LMU) Munich Network Management Team
DE Technical University Braunschweig Distributed Systems and Network Management
USA University of Buffalo Network Management Site
USA Columbia University Distributed Computing and Communications
DE University of Hagen Verteilte Systeme
FR INRIA - Nancy Olivier Festor - MADYNES
DE University of Karlsruhe Cooperation and management
SW Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne The Telecommunications Services Group
UK University College London The OSIMIS Project
ES Technical University of Madrid The Department of Telematic Systems Engineering
DE Technical University of Munich The WIssensbasiertes Lan-MAnagement Group
CA Carleton University Ottawa The Network management Lab
UK University of Surrey Networks Research Group
NL University of Twente DACS - Design and Analysis of Communication Systems
USA University of Delaware Network Management Laboratory