QoS Aware Multicast Management

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IP multicast supports efficient communication services for applications in which an information source sends data to a group of receivers simultaneously. Despite enormous research efforts, global availability of IP multicast services is still a pie in the sky for most of the customers over the Internet, let alone those applications with QoS requirements. Ever since early 90’s, multicast routing with QoS awareness have been a hot research topic. However, most of the proposed routing algorithms are only confined to theoretical analysis, and it is difficult to deploy them due to the high computing and communication overhead. With the advent of the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) architecture, various attempts have been made towards seamless integration of multicast services with the DiffServ architecture. Compared to other QoS aware multicast schemes, the distinct advantage in this solution category is that, network providers are enabled to deploy QoS-aware multicast services on top of the existing DiffServ and IP multicast infrastructures. This aspect successfully bypasses dedicated network layer complexities, typically routing and signaling protocols for multicast QoS purposes. On the other hand, it has become a common belief that Traffic Engineering (TE) is an effective paradigm for guaranteeing end-to-end QoS with optimal network resource dimensioning. We envisage that sophisticated TE solutions in the management plane will also empower multicast service dimensioning with QoS requirements. Nevertheless, relevant research on multicast TE still remains in its preliminary stage compared to its unicast counterpart.

Aspects of this research field include:

  • To propose a scalable framework for seamless integration of Differentiated Services and IP multicast.
  • To propose novel multicast routing algorithms and protocols for supporting heterogeneous end-to-end QoS requirements across end users.
  • To design and evaluate efficient algorithms for both intra- and inter-domain multicast traffic engineering with QoS awareness.

This section of the Quality of Service Management Information Portal serves as a focal point for research related to multicast communication targeted mostly at achieving Quality of Service in this prominent networking paradigm. Related research has ben classified into the following categories:

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