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Student: José Jair Cardoso de Santanna
Title: Detection and mitigation of DNS-based DDoS attack
e-mail: j.j.santanna@utwente.nl
Affiliation: University of Twente, DACS group
Supervisor: dr. ir. A. Pras
Start: 15 March 2013
End: 15 March 2017

PhD project description

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks exploit various weakness of servers/hosts to exhaust all of their communication and computing resources. These attacks are even more powerful when the attack is carried on by a large number of compromised hosts organized in a botnet. For example, the most powerful DDoS strike in history, that generated around 300 Gbps, was performed against the Spamhaus company, and it involved a huge number of bots exploiting weakness of DNS service. Banking institutions, security companies, in general any device connected with the Internet can be a potential target of this kind of attacks. The goal of this research is to propose a reliable and scalable solution for DNS-based DDoS attack detection. Our research will be strongly backed-up by network measurements in operational settings. For this reasons, this research will be conducted in close collaboration with network operators, for example the Dutch Research and Education Network (SURFnet).