Internet Management Tutorials

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A large number of slides about Internet Management can be downloaded as PDF or Power Point files.


  • About this course PDF | PPT
  • Ad-hoc approaches to network management PDF | PPT
  • Network management standards PDF | PPT
  • Intro to SNMP PDF | PPT

Structure of Management Information (SMI)

Management Information Bases (MIBs)

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Advanced topics

  • Extensible agent technology (Agentx) PDF | PPT
  • Distributed management (Disman) PDF | PPT
  • Remote monitoring (RMON) PDF | PPT
  • Internet measurements PDF | PPT
  • New approaches: COPS-PR and NetConf PDF | PPT
  • New approaches: Web-services for management PDF | PPT
  • Tools: ntop PDF | PPT
  • Alternative approaches: TMN PDF | PPT

Please, see also copyright information.