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Student: Fetahi Z. Wuhib
Title: A self-organizing, decentralized management

layer for real-time monitoring

e-mail: fetahi@kth.se
Affiliation: KTH
Supervisor: Rolf Stadler
Start: 2005
End: 2009
Funding: The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and

The Graduate School of Telecommunications


PhD project description

The goal of this research is to engineer a scalable and fault-tolerant management layer that aggregates, in near real-time, management data from devices across the network. Aggregation functions that are often used by management applications include sum, max and average of device-level counters. In addition to such simple aggregates, we want the system to support more complex statistical functions on device-level data across both space and time.

Our approach is to engineer a self-organizing management overlay, which can be seen as a thin layer of functionality that interconnects all devices/functional entities in a network environment. Such a system will be completely decentralized with all nodes having identical functionality. Each node can be used as an access point by a management station or an application server. The advantage of such a design is scalability and robustness, if done correctly. The monitoring functions will be based on distributed algorithms that execute on the management overlay. Concepts that can be used for decentralized aggregation include self-stabilizing spanning trees, DHTs and epidemic protocols. We will evaluate these concepts regarding their suitability for real-time monitoring and further develop them if needed.


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