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=== First data capture ===
=== First data capture ===
* Campus 1
* [Campus 1 | http://traces.simpleweb.org/dropbox/campus1_dataset1.log.gz]
* Campus 2 (soon)
* Campus 2 (soon)
* Home 1 (soon)
* Home 1 (soon)
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=== Second data capture ===   
=== Second data capture ===   
* Campus 1
* [Campus 1 | http://traces.simpleweb.org/dropbox/campus1_dataset2.log.gz]

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You can download from this page the flow data used in the following paper:

  • Drago, I. and Mellia, M. and Munafò, M. M. and Sperotto, A. and Sadre, R. and Pras, A. (2012) Inside Dropbox: Understanding Personal Cloud Storage Services. In: Proceedings of the 12th ACM Internet Measurement Conference - IMC'12, Boston, Nov. 2012

As described in the paper, the data was captured at 4 vantage points in 2 European countries. Most of the data were collected from March 24, 2012 to May 5, 2012. A second dataset was collected in Campus 1 in June and July 2012 to complement the analysis.

All data was captured using Tstat: An open source monitoring tool developed at Politecnico di Torino. Tstat exports flow data containing more than 100 metrics. The source code of Tstat can be obtained from here.


First data capture

Second data capture


Acceptable Use Policy

  • The user must not attempt to reverse engineer the anonymization procedure used to protect the data.
  • If noticing vulnerabilities in the anonymization procedure the user is kindly asked to inform the repository administrators.
  • When writing a paper using this data, we ask the user to cite:
  author        = {Idilio Drago and Marco Mellia and Maurizio M. Munaf\`{o} and Anna Sperotto and Ramin Sadre and Aiko Pras},
  title         = {{I}nside {D}ropbox: {U}nderstanding {P}ersonal {C}loud {S}torage {S}ervices},
  booktitle     = {Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGCOMM Conference on Internet Measurement},
  series        = {IMC'12},
  pages         = {},
  year          = {2012}