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=== A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Managemen ===
=== A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Management ===
* Author: Zeltserman
* Author: Zeltserman
* Publisher: Prentice Hall
* Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Books on network management related issues


Publishers of Network Management Books

  • Addison Wesley
  • Kluwer Academic Publishing
  • NMF Specifications & Publications
  • Prentice Hall
  • Springer

Network Management Books

Telecom Network Management into the 21st Century

  • Author: Aidarous, Plevyak
  • Publisher: IEEE
  • ISBN: 0-7803-1013-6

Managing Information Highways - The PRISM book

  • Author: Berquist K., Berquist A. (eds.)
  • Publisher: Springer (Lecture notes in Computer Science)
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 3-540-62008-7

Network Management Standards - The OSI, SNMP and CMOL Protocols

  • Author: Black U.D.
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-07-005554-8

Network Management Standards - SNMP, CMIP, TMN, MIBs and Object Libraries

  • Author: Black U.D.
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 0-07-005570-X

Snmpv3 Survival Guide : Practical Strategies for Integrated Network Management

  • Author: Case J., Frye R., Saperia J.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-47-135646-8

Netview - IBM's Network Management Product

  • Author: Charly A.
  • Publisher: International Thomson Publishing
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-442-01407-4

Firewalls and Internet Security

  • Author: Cheswick W.R., Bellovin S.M.
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-201-63357-4
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

An introduction to the problems associated with computer security.

- discusses how to create firewall gateways and prevent attacks from hackers in high-threat
- includes a description of the most recent gateway built by the authors, the tools they used, and
  the hacker attacks devised to test it shows how to increase security
- vital information on cryptography, a description of the tools used by hackers and the legal
  implications of computer security

Network monitoring explained - Design and application

  • Author: Chiu D.M., Sudama R.
  • Publisher: Ellis Horwood Series in Computer Communications and Networking
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-13-614710-0

Network Management Fundamentals

  • Author: Clemm A.
  • Publisher: Cisco press
  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN: 1-58720-137-2
  • Description:
Network management is an essential factor in successfully operating a network. As a company becomes
increasingly dependent on networking services, keeping those services running is synonymous with
keeping the business running. Network Management Fundamentals provides you with an accessible
overview of network management covering management not just of networks themselves but also of
services running over those networks.

Network Management Fundamentals explains the different technologies that are used in network
management and how they relate to each other. The book focuses on fundamental concepts and
principles. It provides a solid technical foundation for the practitioner to successfully navigate
network management topics and apply those concepts to particular situations.

The book is divided into four parts:
* Part I provides an overview of what network management is about and why it is relevant. It also
  conveys an informal understanding of the functions, tools, and activities that are associated with
* Part II examines network management from several different angles, culminating in a discussion of
  how these aspects are combined into management reference models.
* Part III provides more detail into different building blocks of network management introduced in
  Part II, such as management protocols, management organization, and management communication
* Part IV rounds out the book with a number of management topics of general interest, including
  management integration and service-level management.

Security for Computer Networks

  • Author: Davies D., Price W.
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Year: 1990

Network Troubleshooting Guide

  • Author: Doerfer D.
  • Publisher: Digital Press - Prentice Hall
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 13-614744-5

The Pocket Network Management Survival Guide

  • Author: Engel F.
  • Publisher: Concord Communications
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-9668663-0-4

SNMP: A Guide to Network Management

  • Author: Feit, S.
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-070-20359-8

Networks and Systems Management - Platforms Evaluation and Analysis

  • Author: Ghetie, Iosif G.
  • Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishing
  • Year: 1997
  • ISBN: 0-7923-9879-3

Integrated Communications Management of Broadband Networks

  • Author: Griffin, D
  • Publisher: Crete University Press
  • Year: 1997
  • ISBN: 960 524 006 8

Advanced Ethernet/802.3 Management and Performance

  • Author: Hancock B.
  • Publisher: Digital Press
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 13-115916-X

Total SNMP: Exploring the Simple Network Management Protocol

  • Author: Harnedy S. J.
  • Publisher: CBM Books
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-077-07980-9

Integrated Network and System management

  • Author: Hegerink H.G., Abeck S.
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 0-201-59377-7
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

Presents state-of-the-art principles and techniques of integrated management systems, with emphasis
on a manufacturer-independent approach.

- emphasises the important issues of integration of the various aspects of network and systems
- describes the most important platforms and techniques to integrate management tools
- describes and evaluates the two most important manufacturer independent approaches, OSI and
  TCP/IP, looking at how each architecture supports the integrated network management approach
- suggests strategies for moving from manufacturer dependent to manufacturer independent systems
- explores proven management scenarios like component management along with emerging management
  scenarios like application management and enterprise management

Foundations. Foundations of Data Communications an Distributed Systems. Foundations of Network
Management and System Management. Management Architectures. Need and Requirements for Integrated
Management. Submodels of a Network Management Architecture. OSI Network Management. The Internet.
Other Manufacturer-Independent Approaches. Transitions between Management Architectures.
Manufacturer-Specific Management Architectures and Approaches for Migration to Open Architectures.
Management Tools. Features and classes of Tools. Isolated Management Tools. Management Platforms.
Management Development Tools. Integration of Management Tools into Management Platforms. Prove
Management Scenarios. Component Management. System Management. Future Management Scenarios, Open
Issues. Application Management. Enterprise Management. References. Glossary. Index.

SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol - Theory and Practice

  • Author: Hein M.
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 1-850-32139-6

Network Management - Techniques, Tools and Systems

  • Author: Held G.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-471-92781-3

Lan Management With Snmp and Rmon

  • Author: Held G.
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 0-471-147362

TCP/IP network administration

  • Author: Hunt C.
  • Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-937175-82-X

Network management: problems, standards and strategies

  • Author: Kauffels F.J.
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publ. Co.
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-201-56534-X
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

This book provides an accessible overview of the various systems of network management currently in
operation, enabling network engineers and managers to choose the system best suited to their

- outlines the differing standards of each system and the capabilities they possess
- introduces the various problems involved with network management and offers possible solutions
- deals with integrated network and system management rather than with classical management of
  hierarchical systems

Communication - quo vadis? Network management - systematic introduction to the problem; Network
management in the IBM area: SNA-NMA, NetView and SystemView classical network management examples of
DEC and Siemens; OSI network management; Management in TCP-IP environments SNMP; Manufacturers
OSI-oriented schemes for integrated network management.

Distributed System Management

  • Author: Langsford A., Moffett J.
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-201-63176-8
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

Provides a strategic and technical perspective on the practises necessary for good distributed
systems management.

- investigates the interplay of management skills needed to develop and present the case for a
  managed system and the factors relating to its installation, operation and maintenance
- a strong focus is placed on seeking system approaches which are capable of scaling from the
  smallest of local area networks to the truly global networks

Rationale for Distributed Systems Management. Uses and Users of Distributed Systems, Business
Aspects of Distributed Systems Management, Management Functions and Management Services, Security
and Distributed Systems. Supporting Services. Installation, Operation and Maintenance, Distributed
Systems Management Concepts, Standards for Distributed Systems Management. Current Practise and
Future Directions. Appendices.

Network Management: A practical Perspective, Second Edition

  • Author: Leinwand A., Fang-Conroy K.
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 0-201-60999-1

Managing Client-Server Environments: Tools and Strategies for Building Solutions

  • Author: McConnell J.W.
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 1-131-271768

Snmp++ : An Object-Oriented Approach to Developing Network Management Applications

  • Author: Mellquist P.E.
  • Publisher: Hewlett-Packard Professional Books
  • Year: August 1997
  • ISBN: 0-13-264607-2

Managing Internetworks with SNMP: 2nd edition

The Basics Book of OSI and Network Management

  • Author: Motorola Codex
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-201-56371-1
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

This book is designed as a quick but accurate summary of what network management is, who should
worry about it, and why. It explains where network management came from and points out the key
aspects to be focused on.

- includes examples of network management at work in real-life situations
- offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the OSI model, as it relates to network communications
- includes many colourful diagrams and second-colour side bars to help make the material accessible
  and convenient as a reference

Windows Nt Snmp

  • Author: Murray J.D., Russell D.
  • Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates
  • Year: February 1998
  • ISBN: 1565923383

Discovering Omnipoint - a common approach to the Integrated Management of Networked Information Systems

  • Author: Network Management Forum
  • Publisher: Network Management Forum
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-13-106121-6

Managing NetWare

  • Author: Nowshadi F.
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-201-63194-6

SNMP-Based ATM Network Management

  • Author: Pan H.
  • Publisher: Artech House Publishers
  • ISBN: 0-89006-983-2

Understanding SNMP MIBs

  • Author: Perkins D., McGinnis E.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: November 1996
  • ISBN: 0-13-437708-7

Rmon : Remote Monitoring of Snmp-Managed Lans

  • Author: Perkins D.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: September 1998
  • ISBN: 0-13-096163-9

LAN Traffic Managemen

  • Author: Phaal P.
  • Publisher: Hewlett-Packard Professional Books
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 13-124207-5

Network Planning and Management: Your personal consultant

  • Author: Rigney S.
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 1-562-76309-1

The Prentice Hall Guide to Network Management

  • Author: Roetzheim W., Gutman L.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • ISBN: 13-365966-6

The Simple Book - an introduction to management of TCP/IP-base internets

  • Author: Rose M.T.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall series in Innovative Technology
  • Year: 1991
  • ISBN: 0-13-812611-9

The Simple Book - Revised second edition

  • Author: Rose M.T.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall International Editions
  • Year: April 1996
  • ISBN: 0-13-451659-1
  • Description:
Source: computing review - April 1994
Note:   This is a review of the initial second edition

ROSE, MARSHALL T. 9404-0193

The simple book (2nd ed.): an introduction to internet management.
Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1994, 456 pp., $55, ISBN 0-13-177254-6.
[Prentice Hall series in innovative technology.]

This second edition is a thorough revision and extension of its predecessor. The structure is more
carefully chosen, and in many places the explanations are more carefully worded and structured.
As two examples, the current chapter 5 on the "Administrative Model" and chapter 6 on the
"Operational Model" replace the more obscure chapters on "Mechanism: SNMP" and
"Policy: Applications" in the first edition.

The aim of the book is to describe the problem of network management, specifically management of
the large and still rapidly growing Internet system. Chapter 2 deals with the Internet suite of
protocols. Chapter 3 covers the main concepts of network management. Chapters 4 to 6 discuss the
information management, administration, and operation of the Internet, respectively. Chapter 7
discusses implementation issues, specifically for the simple network management protocol (SNMP),
and chapter 8 talks about possible future developments.

Like the first edition, this revised edition maintains an unassuming, casual style of explanation
that makes it a true pleasure to read.

--G. Holzmann, Murray Hill, NJ


ROSE, M. T. The simple hook: an introduction to management of TCP-IP-based internets.
Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1991.
See CR, Rev. 9205-0260.

How to manage your network using SNMP

  • Author: Rose M.T., McCloghrie K.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: 1995
  • ISBN: 0-13-141517-4

Understanding network management: Strategies and Solutions

  • Author: Schatt S.
  • Publisher: Windcrest / McGraw-Gill
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-8306-3727-3

Hands-On Snmp

  • Author: Simoneau P.
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Year: December 1998
  • ISBN: 0-07-913075-5

Network and Distributed Systems Management

  • Author: Sloman M. (editor)
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 0-201-62745-0
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

Edited by Morris Sloman, Imperial College, London. Written by distinguished experts from both
industry and academia, Network and Distributed Systems Management is a complete reference on
network management.

- covers current practice and future directions for managing networks and distributed systems
- discusses the enabling network and distributed systems technologies
- introduces the models and standards for management including OSI, SNMP, and TMN
- looks at the management functions relating to naming, quality of service, monitoring, and
  performance accounting and security
- covers the practical aspects of implementing management by using concepts such as dynamic
  configuration, databases, graphical user interfaces and artificial intelligence

The Management of Telecommunications Networks

  • Author: Smith R.
  • Publisher: Ellis Horwood
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 13-015942-5

Network Management

  • Author: Stallings W.
  • Publisher: IEEE Computer Society Press
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-8186-4142-8

SNMP, SNMPv2 and CMIP - The Practical Guide to Network Management Standards

  • Author: Stallings W.
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0-201-63331-0
  • Description:
Source:  Addison-Wesley
Complete Computer Science Catalogue

The rapid pace of publication of network management standards, and the broad range of coverage, has
made it difficult for data communications and computer networking professionals to keep up with the
developments that are crucial to their job performance. Now there is one comprehensive source that
examines all the major network management protocols around.

- gives an overview of network management technology, providing the solid foundation necessary for
  understanding the standards
- takes a comprehensive look at the TCP/IP's network management protocol, SNMP, including secure
  SNMP, SMP and the remote monitoring (RMON) enhancement
- offers a detailed explanation of Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) and object-oriented design

SNMP, SNMPv2 and RMON - Practical Network Management

  • Author: Stallings W.
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
  • Year: June 1996
  • ISBN: 0-201-63479-1
  • Description:
A comprehensive treatment of SNMP-based standards, including a description of the protocols, MIBs
and practical issues. Covers SNMPv1, the 1996 version of SNMPv2, the original RMON1, and the current
version of RMON2.

Snmp, Snmpv3 and Rmon 1 and 2

  • Author: Stallings W.
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
  • Year: December 1998
  • ISBN: 0-201-48534-6
  • Description:
Review by Richard Dragan on amazon.com

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the related Remote Network Monitoring (RMON)
standards make it possible for network administrators to control and monitor even the most
complicated networks. In a textbook-style treatment, William Stallings's SNMP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and
RMON 1 and 2 explains what's behind this family of popular networking standards.

The book begins with some theory about what tasks network administrators need to do, such as
monitoring performance, faults, and accounting, along with configuration and security control. The
guide then describes SNMP -- which was introduced in 1989 -- as a successful solution to the basic
problems of network administration. (One of the strengths of SNMP is that it allows administrators
to work with disparate networks running on TCP/IP.) The author details how an SNMP Management
Information Base (MIB), which stores network information, is organized and also how the protocol
works to collect and store network information.

The RMON standard actually uses SNMP with its own MIB format to collect statistics about a network.
The author provides detailed descriptions of this information, along with RMON filters and alarms,
which can be used to troubleshoot a network.

New and improved standards RMONv2, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 comprise the remainder of this book. RMONv2
allows network administration of more kinds of networks and devices. SNMPv2 provides enhanced
administration capabilities, while SNMPv3 adds the security and encryption that was lacking in
earlier versions of the protocol.

This textbook is crammed with tables and statistics, and shows off the author's command of the
relevant networking standards. Much more readable than the Request for Comments (RFC) documents that
describe these standards, this title provides a comprehensive reference work on SNMP and RMON for
the working Internet professional.

-- Richard Dragan

Guide to managing PC networks: Tools and Techniques for running LANs

  • Author: Steinke S
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-131-85497-6

Network Management An introduction to principles and practice

  • Author: Subramanian M
  • Publisher: Addison Wesley
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-201-35742-9

Communication Networks Management

  • Author: Terplan K.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0-13-156449-8

SNMP Application Developer's Guide

  • Author: Townsend R.L.
  • ISBN: 0-442-01874-6

Network Management System Essentials

  • Author: Divakara K. Udupa
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 0-07-065766-1
  • Description:
The book contains details on OSI network management, SNMPv1, SNMPv2, RMON, MIB-II, IEEE LAN
Management, IBM SystemView, and Systems Management Functional Areas such as Configuration
Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Accounting and Security Management.
It is one of the very few books on network management with exercises. It is already a text book in
many universities around the world.

For more information visit http://www.geocities.com/divakara_udupa/

TMN: Telecommunications Management Network (TMN)

  • Author: Divakara K. Udupa
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-07-065815-3
  • Description:
The highlights of the book are:

* Explains in detail TMN architectures, interfaces, management information model, and OAM&P
* Discusses in depth ASN.1, GDMO and management protocols such as CMIS and different versions of
  SNMP such as SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3.
* Provides details on TMN for wireless communications, SDH and ATM; includes discussion on
  management frameworks, challenges and future trends in TMN; covers well late st topics such as
  CORBA, Java and Web related to TMN; and contains good illustrations, exhaustive references
  and questions on all chapters.

Practical Guide for OSI Management

  • Author: Westgate J.
  • Publisher: NCC Blackell
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 1-85554-187-4 / 1-85554-195-5

Building Network Management Tools With Tcl/Tk

  • Author: Zeltserman, D., Puoplo, G.
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: April 1998
  • ISBN: 0-130-80727-3
  • Description:
From the Back Cover:

Use Tcl/Tk to build the custom network management tools you need. Often, there's no substitute for a
custom network management tool - but you can't afford to spend months building one. There's a quick,
easy solution: Tcl/Tk scripts. Learn to leverage Tcl/Tk's power and efficiency - from experts who've
built successful network management products for Cisco, Digital and 3Com. Discover why Tcl/Tk tools
are perfect for troubleshooting, device monitoring, inventory, configuration, and many other
network management applications. Then build five real-world applications to use right away, learning
concepts and routines you'll reuse constantly:

* Response time monitoring
* Network discovery
* IP path tracing/diagnostics
* Web-based status monitoring
* RMONv2 configuration

Learn proven techniques for Web-enabling your network management applications - and for building
tools that are extensible and easy to modify. Carefully annotated code and extensive screen captures
show exactly what to expect. An accompanying Web site includes downloadable source code, new tips
and insights, and much more. With Building Network Management Tools with Tcl/Tk, you can deploy the
tools you really need - when you need them.

A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Management

  • Author: Zeltserman
  • Publisher: Prentice Hall
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0-13-021453-1