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Student: Aimilios Chourmouziadis
Title: Network Management Using Web Services
Affiliation: UniS
Supervisor: George Pavlou
Start: 2004
End: 2008
Funding: UNIS/CCSR


PhD project description

This project will investigate on the potential of XML-based approaches and in particular Web Services to become the future unifying management technology across both the Internet and Telecommunications management domains. This project will explore issues like the design and implementation of a scalable and flexible monitoring system with mechanisms such as scoping and filtering for efficient selective or bulk information retrieval using real case monitoring scenarios based on the TEQUILA architecture . Event Reporting issues will also be investigated as the means to make the monitoring process more scalable and powerful and also to provide functional components of a network management architecture with a consistent view of the network. Scalability issues of configuration management may also be investigated. The goal of this project is the deployment of a minimal framework to assess the performance of WS for network Management and to investigate their applicability in solving a variety of problems. Our key objectives for this project are:

  • Examine XML-based technologies and in particular WS as the key unifying technology for a new framework.
  • Investigate approaches and mechanisms to solve a variety of management problems.
    • Scoping and filtering for efficient selective or bulk information retrieval to facilitate low cost and efficient monitoring.
    • Powerful and scalable event management to assist a monitoring system achieve scalability requirements and also provide a network management architecture with a consistent view of the network.
    • Configuration support scalability issues
  • Evaluate the performance and scalability of every solution to the above problems
  • Publicise project results through talks and papers in leading international conferences and journals


  1. LCS 2005 A web services approach to address efficient information retrieval in network management
  2. DSOM 2006 Efficient Information Retrieval in Network Management Using Web Services

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