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Student: Daniel Dönni
Title: TBD
e-mail: doenni@ifi.uzh.ch
Affiliation: University of Zurich, CSG
Supervisor: Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Start: 1 September 2013
End: 31 August 2019
Funding: FLAMINGO / SmartenIT


Daniel is currently a PhD student at the Communication Systems Group, which is part of the Department of Informatics at the University of Zurich. He holds a MSc in Informatics from University of Zurich.

PhD project description

Value-of-Service (VoS) - A Concept for Measuring the Price-Performance Ratio of an IP Network

QoS and QoE are concepts for capturing objective and subjective performance aspects of an IP network. However, customers are not only sensitive to QoS but also to price [1]. There is currently no concept to capture the price-performance ratio of an IP network. The VoS concept addresses this issue by defining VoS metrics, each of which relating a metric of the QoS and the QoE space to a normalized price. The goal is to provide customers with a concept that allows them to determine the price-performance ratio of an IP network and to compare IP networks with each other. A comprehensive set of metrics will be defined in a first step. In a second step, a measurement architecture will be implemented which allows to capture these VoS metrics. The third step is to measure VoS metrics in real-world scenarios and to evaluate the results.

A research paper explaining the concept in detail and defining an initial set of metrics its currently in a conceptual stage. The next step is to complete the set of VoS metrics. Due to very recent introduction of the VoS concept, no collaboration for a related joint research activity within FLAMINGO has been established yet. Exploring options for joint research, thus, determines an important task of ongoing work.

[1] D. Hands. M3I User Experiment Results. Deliverable 15 Pt2, M3I EU Vth Framework Project IST-1999-11429, February 2002

Recent publications

You can find a complete list of publications here.

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