TMN standardization

The TMN standardization started in 1985 by CCITT Study Group IV [1]. The first TMN recommendation was called M.30 [2] and was published in 1988 as part of the blue books. In 1992 a completely revised version appeared and the number of the recommendation was changed into M.3010. This version changed again in 1996 [4].
As compared to the 1988 version of M.30, the 1992 version of M.3010 removed the sections on `Planning and Design' (which became an appendix) and on `Functions associated with TMN'. The 1992 version added also a number of new sections, such as those on the `TMN Information Architecture'. The most important changes of the 1996 version relate to `TMN's Logical Layered Architecture'.

Since 1988 a number of related recommendations have been defined. These recommendations refine specific aspects of TMN and use M.3010 as the architectural basis (see Figure 2). In addition, a large number of TMN recommendations were defined for ISDN management.