The IM/NOMS Steering Committee (NISC) coordinates the nomination and decision processes for the two prestigious awards presented at IM and NOMS to select individuals for their outstanding contributions to the network, system and service management community. The two awards are:

The DAN STOKESBERRY AWARD presented in memory of IM'97 Chair Dan Stokesberry at each International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM) to an individual who has made a particularly distinguished technical contribution to the growth of the field.

The recipients of the Dan Stokesberry award are:

1997: Robbie Cohen
1999: Morris Sloman
2001: Heinz-Gerd Hegering
2003: Aurel Lazar
2005: John Strassner
2007: Joe Hellerstein
2009: Raouf Boutaba
2011: George Pavlou
2013: James Hong
2015: Rolf Stadler

The SALAH AIDAROUS AWARD presented in memory of NOMS'04 Chair Salah Aidarous at each International Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS) to an individual who has provided unremitting service and dedication to the IT and Telecommunications Network Operations and Management community.

The recipients of the Salah Aidarous Award are:

2004: Roberto Saracco
2006: Douglas N. Zuckerman
2008: Veli Sahin
2010: Masayochi Ejeri
2012: Raouf Boutaba

Nominations for these awards are to be submitted to the chair of the IM/NOMS Steering Committee (NISC) to no later than one month prior to IM for the Dan Stokesberry award and to NOMS for the Salah Aidarous award. Award presentations will be made at each IM and NOMS.


IFIP WG6.6 also sponsors awards to best papers and best Ph.D. research.

The IFIP WG6.6 BEST PAPER AWARD is presented at main conferences in the area of network and service management to authors of the best technical paper.
The recipients of the IFIP WG6.6 Best Paper Award are:

  • NOMS 2008: Artur Andrzejak (Zuse Institute, Berlin) and Luis Silva (University of Coimbra): Using Machine Learning for Non-Intrusive Modeling and Prediction of Software Aging
  • IM 2009: Carol J Fung, Jie Zhang, Issam Aib, Raouf Boutaba (University of Waterloo): Robust and Scalable Trust Management for Collaborative Intrusion Detection
  • NOMS 2010: Raphael M. Bahatia and Michael A. Bauerb (University of Western Ontario): Towards Adaptive Policy-Based Management
  • IM 2011: Jun Li, Sharad Singhal, Ram Swaminathan and Alan Karp. (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories): Managing Data Retention Policies at Scale
  • NOMS 2012 (best paper): Andrzej Kochut, Alexei Karve (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA): Leveraging Local Image Redundancy for Efficient Virtual Machine Provisioning
  • NOMS 2012 (best PhD paper): Frederic Francois, Ning Wang, Klaus Moessner and Stylianos Georgoulas (University of Surrey, UK): Optimization for Time-driven Link Sleeping Reconfigurations in ISP Backbone Networks
  • CNSM 2012 (best paper): Rerngvit Yanggratoke, Gunnar Kreitz, Mikael Goldmann and Rolf Stadler (KTH, Sweden): Predicting Response Times for the Spotify Backend
  • IM 2013 (best papers): Noriaki Kamiyama, Ryoichi Kawahara, (NTT): Analysis of Content Charge by ISPs and Bong Jun Ko (IBM), Sisi Liu (Broadcom) and Murtaza Zafer, Ho Yin Starsky Wong and Kang-Won Lee (IBM): Gateway Selection in Hybrid Wireless Networks Through Cooperative Probing
  • IM 2015 (best paper): Yasaman Amannejad, Diwakar Krishnamurthy, Behrouz Far, (University of Calgary, Canada): Detecting Performance Interference in Cloud-Based Web Services

The IM/NOMS BEST PHD DISSERTATION AWARD is presented to students who have recently completed their thesis and performed outstanding research.
The recipients of the best Ph.D. Research Award are: