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 Best of the SimpleWebWireshark Gerald Combs freely available    Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer for Unix.
 Best of the SimpleWebSURFmap University of Twente freely available    A Network Monitoring Tool Based on the Google Maps API
 SSHCure University of Twente freely available    A Flow-Based SSH Intrusion Detection System
 Best of the SimpleWebntop Luca Deri freely available    A tool that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular 'top' Unix command does.
 Best of the SimpleWebnmap Nmap team freely available    A utility for network exploration or security auditing
 Best of the SimpleWebNfSen NfSen team freely available    Graphical front end for nfdump
 NfDump NfDump team freely available    Tools to collect and process netflow data
 Best of the SimpleWebnet-snmp Univ of California, Davis freely available    Various tools relating to the Simple Network Management Protocol
 Best of the SimpleWebNagios OpenSource freely available    Host and service monitor.
 Best of the SimpleWeblibsmi TU Braunschweig freely available    A library to access SMI MIB information
 Best of the SimpleWebFprobe Fprobe team freely available    NetFlow probe
 Best of the SimpleWebCacti Ian Berry freely available    RRD Front-end

Availability Freely available
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